Karen Robinson ‘karennah’

National Dip in Textile Design./Fine Art/ Photography

I am originally from South Africa now living in hinterland Noosa, my painting style reflects a distinctive textile flavor. This is due to the formal training I have as a textile designer, National Diploma in Textile Design 1982, and the subsequent years of working as a textile designer in the trade for Finitex, German Textile Manufacturers South Africa. For a number of years I did contract and freelance work for the Spanish Textile industry.
In Spain I worked as a interior designer under the guidance of M Thompson for “ Interiors” Marbella , decorating Sheiks Palaces in Saudi Arabia and holiday homes on the Spanish coast, Costa Del Sol. Here a love for the opulent, colors and textures flourished.

Since 1988, I teamed up with my husband, Vaughan, an industrial Engineer , we followed our passion for the arts by forming our own creative arts business designing and making creative art pieces for clients .From a small studio with 8 apprentices we made some fascinating pieces of functional art .From large industrial commercial art pieces to manufacture of sculptural lighting for a medical centre in South Africa and installing art pieces in private homes all over the world .We make copper wall art, water features, copper sculpture, copper lighting. I am chief desiger for Vaughan but my passion is painting in oils and acrylic.

I am totally passionate about color in nature and the frequency it emits. Color has huge affect on peoples’ lives, feel the energy, the vibration and oscillation it has. Color is a very effective healing tool. Flowers in particular are effective frequency transmitters and receivers. I am also passionate about interesting perspectives, texture and painting in oversize format.

My journey through this lifetime.
I paint in blocks of interest.

1. Scenes of Noosa. I love to paint vibrant scenes of noosa with interesting perspectives and oversize formats .I like to use great contrasts in shapes and colours to capture the splendor of where I am living.I have a technique of bringing the colour back out of the canvas by using a dark background , sometimes this gives a stark shadow or outline effect.
2.Oversize florals are a passion and an obsession of mine. I love large format oversize painting with detailed study of frequency packed living flowers. I enjoy the colour full of joy painting full of contrasts and evoking feelings of joy.
3.cows and bulls. I paint these beautiful bovines as they give the ultimate sacrifice. I wish to respect them as they share this planet with us. They need to live a good life no matter how short.
‘I seek to paint with passion and technical skill to share the JOY of co-creation.’

1980 /2000 Commissions oil on canvas, (various)
Textile design, textile painting,
Light design. (Prosano park medical center, SA)
Exhibited paintings in Hermanus Gallery, Hermanus, South Africa
1987 to present Vaughan and I work together @ www.creative-lights.com now www.copper-artist.com
1998 I designed the Cafe “ZEBRA CROSSING” in the picturesque town of Hermanus, South Africa.
2000 Fruit Platter collection, acrylic and oils on canvas and a number of Private commissions.
2000/2002 Gallery exhibition, Art of this world, Devonport, Auckland, various paintings exhibited.
2001/2002 Commission work: Matchbox collection paintings, acrylic on canvas, Mr. A Mclennon, NZ
Light design work for restoration Mission Winery, Hawke’s bay NZ, in conjunction with Fat Parrot architects.
Water feature and wall art design work for sea fisheries NZ.
2001/03 Oversize flowers painted in acrylic and oils on board / Private Commissions
Supply to Bradford Interiors: artworks for retail, Auckland, New Zealand
Exhibited paintings: Parnell Gallery, Parnell Auckland, New Zealand
Exhibited paintings: Noosa Series and oversize florals in acrylic and oil on canvas: Noosa Harbor Gallery.
2004/2005 Exhibited paintings: Noosa series and oversize florals: Raw art Gallery, Hastings Street, Noosa
Private commissions and water feature designs.
2005 Exhibited / retail: Pure Blanc, Hasting Street, Noosa
2005/11 Private commissions and Painting for pleasure. Co-Creating with Vaughan: Jewellery making/ Designing
Mosaic artist.
2011/13 Large copper art commissions worldwide with Vaughan Robinson :From design to instillation.
Mosaic swimming pool: Mosaic wall art.
Commission painting oil and acrylic, Noosa, Queensland, Australia.
2014 march. Art in the Valley . Perth Australia . Exhibited my paintings in a group exhibition.
2014 may. Nedlands Gallery Perth . Group exhibition

2015…upcoming exhibition…Naked Truth interesting textures with contemplative nudes

Contact: karennah3@yahoo.com.au
Phone: 07-54424804 mobile: 0415605988