Flowers are transmitters and recievers of frequency. They each have a vibrational quality , signature that affects all of its surroundings. Like all of creation the electromagnetics shape our world .
Below are some of my paintings of fruit and flowers. Painted with passion exuberant in colour in a developed textile style.

Oversize compositions and querky angles add to the style of my painting.Sharp contrasts and over emphasized shaddows add drama to the composition.
Nature is always a pleasure to paint , its inspirational in our everyday lives. We wouldnt be here without it.

I think flowers are a gift to us, they are just amazing creations that feed the bees that pollinate the fruit that we eat. Without flowers, without bees we would not be alive. Those beautiful flowers with their exhuberant colours and tantilizing sweet smells attract us all.They are the gifts of love.
I love the contrast in colour , the shapes and sizes of the petals and the sweet smells of joy.
commissions welcome.