Animals in Art 

artist Karen Robinson
I hope I have expressed the joy and gratitude I have for these beings. Their trusting gazes haunt me.
I only wish to respect them and show my absolute appreciation and understanding of their ultimate sacrafice.
Mostly Acrylic on canvas and some exciting textural mixed media.
Reverent respect for honerable beings.

The Animals painted by Karennah
From the seashore to the hinterland, green pastures and native bushland , the subject matter abounds. I just love the land the big big blue sky and content animals leasurley grazing in the humid air. The rich colours of the land and sky enchant me,the storms after a humid day cool the earth and the smells radiate out of the soil. The colours of the land and sky contrast dramatically giving plenty subject matter to feast on. From native lands, gumtrees to palm trees in this tropical region of Australia.
Commissions welcome.