artist karen robinson

Come on a journey with me and see how I experiance the world as an artist.

This website is a gallery of my work I hope you find it an exciting and uplifting experiance.I aim to express my journey through this lifetime, in colour , texture and light. I am passionate about life itself and all it has to offer. The vision, the passion and the power of life iteslf reflected in ordenary everyday objects and subjects.

All of life is a facinating interwoven story of light and sound.We are all connected , everything is alive and has frequency that surrounds it and within it.We all interact with every particle seen or unseen. This is our connection. The spaces we think are just sky or air are not empty at all, if you could see what was there you would be amazed, its alive and shimmering patterns of threads of light and sound streaming from the sun. Stardust *